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Fall Options for Sunday School Classes

UPDATED 9/14/21


Class time is 9:15-10:15 a.m.

In-person classes will follow church protocol: masks will be required, social distancing efforts will be maintained, and surface cleaning will be done.


The Alpha class will meet in Room 5 in the CE wing of the building. It’s the corner room at the east end of the long hallway, formerly called “Martha’s Vineyard.” They are beginning a 12 week video lesson that will focus on “Paul, Rome, & the Kingdom of God”

A ZOOM option is available for this class.  Please contact the church office for the link. 


The Seekers class will meet in the Library with some classes outside when the weather permits. They use the Imaging the Word curriculum, a lectionary-based material that uses art and literature to study each week’s Bible passages.

At Home Option

The Feasting on the Word class will continue an email lesson for self-study.  This class sends the weekly lesson by email. The Feasting curriculum is also lectionary-based and focuses on one of the lectionary passages each week.

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