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The Growing Place Community Garden



The Growing Place garden plots are ready at St. Philip Presbyterian Church.

They are located east of the church building and across the street from the

Neighborhood Walmart Grocery Store. Come see them!

There will be a charge of $50 per calendar year to lease a raised bed plot (16’x4’). 

You do not need to know how to garden. Help will be provided to get your garden growing.

We are looking for neighbors that want to grow healthy organic vegetables for themselves and others. Half of the produce will be distributed to area food banks.

The plots will be leased on a first come first serve basis. Only one plot will be issued per family. Once the plots have all been assigned, the names of those desiring a plot will be put on a waiting list.

Email any questions you might have about the garden to: .  More information about the garden is available at

Monarch Butterfly Waystation


                                              While we have all been ‘sheltering in place,” the Community Garden has                                                      taken on a new project to become a certified Monarch Waystation. A                                                            Monarch Waystation is an internally-managed garden that provides food and                                                a habitat for the struggling Monarch population.

                                              Our pollinator flower beds already had the nectar plants needed for the mature butterflies. What we needed were host plants (milkweed) to provide a place for the Monarchs to lay their eggs and to support the growth of the caterpillars. The only plants that the caterpillars will eat are various types of milkweed. Milkweed is very aggressive so two new small beds have been added in front of the original flower beds to keep them contained. There is one type of milkweed planted now with two more to be added as they become available. This will meet the requirements for certification.

Once we are certified, our garden will be listed on the statewide interactive list showing where people can come and enjoy the Monarchs either in the fall when they pass through Texas on their way to Mexico for the winter or in the spring when the butterflies return to lay their eggs on the milkweed in Texas and then continue on to Canada.

I hope these beautiful Monarchs will bring joy to all who take the time to come see them in our garden for years to come.

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