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Pre k to 5th grade

Children (K-5th gr.) are currently meeting in room 2.

The nursery (during worship) is in room 1.

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Preschool Ministry

Pre-School (2 years - Pre-Kindergarten)

Location: Room 4 in the Christian Education wing

Jesus used everyday objects like coins, fish, and plants to help people remember the truths he shared with them. Teachers, using a Hands-On Bible curriculum, do the same thing. Gizmos, tools, and learning mats help understand important Bible truths, and make Bible stories come to life.

Nursery Ministry

Nursery (Birth to 23 months)

We always welcome children of all ages in Worship. 

If it is helpful for you, a nursery is provided for infants and children under the age of 4. 
The Nursery is located in Room 18, just around the corner from the Sanctuary on the Oak Terrace.  Our Childcare providers are there to provide a safe, warm environment that begins building  relationships between you, your child and our church family.  If you need help finding the nursery please feel free to ask. 

Footsteps of Faith

(Kindergarten - 5th Grade)

Elementary students begin their faith journey in Room 10 for music time.  They use their voices, instruments, and movement to praise God.  They learn songs that coordinate with their lessons and will enliven and inspire them. The students then learn using “Growing in Grace and Gratitude”, which is a PC (USA) created curriculum designed to help all ages learn to love and follow Christ. Lessons are Bible-based and provide a strong foundation of faith rooted in the Reformed tradition. We encourage children to bring their Bibles to class.

Sunday School Registration 

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